5 Minutes with Flora Suk-Hwa Yoon (Incheon)

Though Flora Suk-Haw Yoon was simply a (famous) visitor to the exhibition, she had a lot of interesting things to say about Incheon’s (South Korea) exhibition Terra Galaxia: Aerotropolis, Home and Away by Sen Chung; Kyungah Ham; Seoung Won Won; Wil Bolton; Suk Kuhn Oh; Suknam Yun.

Can I ask your name and introduce yourself, and tell us how you came to be here.

My name is Flora Suk-Hwa Yoon, I’m an actress and I’m a director and a producer and now I’m working in the West End in London. I recently produced Top Hat musical as a co-producer, and I already produced Journey’s End (I’m very proud of that); Wonderful Town. But now Top Hat is performing on the West End. The curator of Terra Galaxia, she is of course Korean and once I had a charity concert for our Korean adoption society, and I invited all the very famous celebrities of London and at the time. I like to present our art pieces too – so that’s why I worked with Stephanie [Seungmin Kim] who organised this Terra Galaxia. Of course, she’s very young and I’m the old lady, but I respect her as a curator. She’s got a real passion and that’s a real warming truth - a deep, warm heart. That’s why I give a little bit of support to her. I always go around the world, world famous art exhibitions – I love it.

Could you talk about the Liverpool Biennial and the Korean part?

First of all, this is my first time visiting Liverpool and I thought it was just the hometown of the Beatles, I thought it was a really small city. But when I visited here, of course, the area is really small but it’s feels like a really huge, enormous city because Liverpool has lots of history and culture – it’s kind of amazing. So I fell in love with the city and especially this Liverpool Biennial. I took a look at all the different themes and the different flavourings, it is really ‘oh yeah, this is Liverpool’. United but different, they have a kind of harmony. For example this piece and this Korean Terra Galaxia are totally different. Because of the Liverpool Biennial, I am more in love with Liverpool.

Have you been to the Venice Bienniale? How would you compare the Liverpool Biennial to the Venice Bienniale?

I will say that Venice is more popular and Liverpool is more humble. If you keep this kind of concept and the structure, then you will have more depth compared to the Venice Bienniale. But there is one thing I’d like to tell you: if my country had this kind of beautiful Bienniale, then every city, every colour could see – oh yeah, there’s a Bienniale. This morning I went around the entire city but I never saw any posters or any flags, so I think you need a little bit more advertisement for people. People have to know about it.

       Interview conducted by Brendan Curtis-Burton, David Michael and Lizzie Edge.

       Edited by Jon Slater.

       (Photograph courtesy of Lizzie Edge)